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Jaden - Rainbow Bap

Do you see it?
(Uh-oh, uh-oh)

[Verse 1]
He was a lost boy with rhythm
Heart broke, SYRE has risen
Look at the stars
It's all written, just hold the applause
I'm just gettin' started with it
It's not hot enough in the kitchen
They sayin' it's it
I guess I'm the one thinkin' different
I'm slick with it, a lotta change
Man, I'm Slick Rick and I don't pivot
I'm like Pippen hittin' six swishes in six seconds
Autonomous whippin' while whole colonies are poverty strickin'
Young niggas ain't stoppin' and drippin' the way I dribble the rock
They gotta watch how the rocks are glistenin'
Blood diamonds, ancestors fightin' with colonists
Know your history, inherit the confidence
It's apparent and obvious
I'm the young KRS in your providence
And this air that we're breathin' is consciousness
Every lyric is prominent (I feel it)

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