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Jaden - NOIZE

[Intro: Jaden]
Yeah, I'ma need that gold medal, matte black shit on a whip
Hear them drums, nigga? ERYS in a 6 with the wrist
’Bout to swish, no assist, never miss with the drip
Man, I'm 'bout to go and do some shit that no one ever did

[Verse 1: Jaden]
I’m with the boys, making the noise
This is the uh, Tesla toy
We stackin' the toys, end of the story
We already gone, that's more to the point
Niggas ignored us, flyin' it solo
Gone in the mornin', you never know it
I'm unemployed and I'm on the block
Now we 'bout to blow up, now we ’bout to blow it
We the rascal, dead cam, punk kids
Runnin’ through the club, where the music hella pumpin'
You don’t want shit
Tell them niggas start jumpin'
At a warehouse party with the fuck shit
And pull up with the bass, made the shit sound rustic
Mace to the face, riot gear's in the closet
Keep the city sane, keep the babies out the moshpits
Keep me out the party, 'cause I’m too psychotic, yeah

[Chorus: Jaden]
(I'm with the boys, making the noise)
Tell me you're sorry, I feel the same
(I'm with the boys, making the noise)
You gave me DMT, straight from your brain, girl
(I'm with the boys, making the noise)
We weren't in nature to marry again
(I'm with the boys, making the noise)
That's why it all feels like it's just the same

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