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Jaden - K

[Intro: Jaden & Harry Hudson]
Rebel child, looking for a way, looking for a way
Your head looks unsettled, child
Looking for a way, looking for a way
I don't think you know what it takes
The daytime is going away
I'm on vibes, take this ride, we'll compromise it
She said, "Do you see love in my eyes?"

[Chorus: Jaden]
Don't talk down to me, baby, I'm drowning
I'm so glad you found me
She let me keep pink packs at her house
Man, the wrist bust down
Pink piece, yeah, and they rowdy
Matter of fact, I need you now

[Verse 1: Jaden]
She on a different continent, I got a flight again
Telling travel getting faster like a fighter jet
Always fighting, man, we don't see eye-to-eye I guess
Man, the vision so vivid, there was side effects
I was whipping down Pacific with a lot of packs
Got me feelin' psychedelic 'bout a story
Let me tell it, it's a boy in his bedroom with a pencil
'Bout to renovate the world, man, he thought he couldn't do it
Then from heaven fell a girl
She grew a marble feather in her hair
She was swimming through the air
Then she turned to him and looked
And said, "Do you think that we would work?"

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