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Jaden - I'm Ready

(Woo) Swingin' through the kingdom in the night
(Woo) I only see you in the city light

[Verse 1]
I'm fresher than fresh (Woo)
I step out the steps
Wall runnin' for the flex
Pete told me I was next (Woo)
I'm comin' for next
There really isn't no question (Woo)
Only superheroes in this section
Only big bangers on the setlist
On top of buildings where I eat breakfast
Then I shine like a new necklace

I'm ready to go, she callin' my phone
Girl, I'm comin' over
I got somethin' to prove to show to the world
Can't hold it no longer

They think I'm way too young
To stand up for the ones I love
But let me tell you somethin'

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