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Jaden - I


When I walk in they be sweatin', they be stressin'
(They be stressin')
When they see us, that put everything in question
Treat these niggas like a print, gotta press 'em
(Let's go)
Lotta power in the clique, like a Nephilim

[Verse 1]
I just woke up in the city, and I'm ready to go
Vision in my cranium, I'm runnin' through the globe
Bop this in the stadium, I'm with my centerfold
Half hat shit, I swear this level's unaccessible

I wonder if they'll understand the metaphors
I said it for a reason, they don't listen
I had to put a vision in a double cup
Every time I sip it, I be trippin'

[Verse 2]
Man, it's so apparent you ain't one of us
That's why I had to get the windows tinted
Yeah, swear it's all about the new ideas
Man, I wonder how they let this nigga pop up in a year
Got me coughin', hawk up, pocket lotta covers and a mill'
Got the Dickies and the Balances, they counterfeit the field
Man, you gotta know the culture you a part of, man, it's ill
Sickening, man, I try to not let it get to me
When you 16 with a misdemeanor
That's no votes, are you kidding me?
This a kid saying this, literally
Pure evil, you are the epitome
Take my rights away, it's like whipping me
Take my life away with no empathy
Man, it's a nightmare, burying all my people
Y'all never learned history, goddamn
She don't care 'bout ancient Greece, oh man
Gotta put that energy in the step
OG's done told me to be next
Police always coming for our neck

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