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Jaden - Batman

Yeah, yeah

Batman, Batman, Batman
Joker just put me on acid
Huh, you on the wave like a Maverick
You need to make something happen
Batman, Batman, Batman
Please put me on new fashion
Huh, I ain't learn nothing since last year
You got the renegade fabrics
Batman, Batman, Batman
Please put me up on a Tesla (Skrrt!)
I'm tryna be hella extra
Please hand-me-down a new sweatshirt
Batman, Batman, Batman
Heard that you ain't got a mattress
Heard that you king of Manhattan (Queens)
So why you stay in the 'Basas?
Batman, Batman, Batman
We need to settle the scores
Jokers they still want a war
Watch out, I'm closing the doors
Batman, Batman, Batman
I heard you married a Porsche
That shit is all in the past, plus we got very divorced
You ain't ready for the war, Skywalker with the force
One, two, three, four, D'artiste is making noise
In the suburbs with the boys, on a roll, no Royce
Had to save the day every single way, we don't really got a choice
Batman, Batman, Batman
Please save the day from the demons
I was sleep and he was leaning
We drove right into a precinct

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