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Jacquees - Put In Work (with Chris Brown)

XL Eagle made it
OG Parker

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]
She got humps and a bump
Junk in the trunk
Back that ass up, feel up on it like beep-beep
Girl, take it off, go a little bit harder
Fuckin' with the lights off, leavin' on the TV
Gettin' me started, lickin' on your body
Tellin' me not to say nothin', when you wanna see me?

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Alright, alright, my lips are sealed
Baby, you gotta put in work
You gotta put in work, work, work
If you want me to put you first, yeah
Put that pussy on me, what I deserve
You gotta put in work

[Verse 1: Jacquees, Chris Brown]
Panties on the floor, we don't need clothes
Can I get a repeat of the show?
Young Jacquees in your sheets
Bumpin' that CB, ride it slow
Goin' nine-to-five (Five), but you put in work (Work)
Ooh, let me put it in drive (Drive)
All gas when I'm in that skirt (Skirt, yeah), yeah
Peakin' on your phone, tell your friends, "Call back"
When you leave to go home, turn around, come back
Silk sheets on the bed
I know you just got your hair done and it's late
Don't be scared, I'll get it redone, lil' bae, you know I'm paid
You come first (Woah, yeah)
And that's with sex and life, whatever works (Oh-woah, yeah)
I'll rip your bra off, you'll rip off my shirt (Yeah)
You mine as soon as you step on my turf
I beat it like it's percussion, come let me put in work

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