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Jack Harlow - Route 66 (feat. EST Gee)

[Intro: Jack Harlow]
Right here, mmm

[Chorus: Jack Harlow]
Bitch I'm from Kentucky but this ain't no fuckin' Dixie Chicks
This is not Route 66
She step out, take like fifty flicks
I'm way too selective with the folks that I get mixy with
She said, "That's a lie, boy"
You a thot, thot, thot
Just left out the city, it was hot, hot, hot
Think they fuckin' with me but they not, not, not
I just cannot stop
I'm 'bout to buy my bro a drop
She came to kick it with her friends
They takin' shots, shots, shots

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
I'm a hot shot (Ayy)
Met her at the club and I took her to the casa
Get bread nonstop
Know my name, ring a bell like Raja
From the city like Rondo, Rajon
But I'm from the white side like Hassan
Way too fly but I'm not trying
Had y'all's fun but it's my time
Chain go bling
I ain't talking 'bout hotline
Young and I got time
But I finally got one, it's about time
Make the whole city shine every time that I shine
Let me know now if you not down
'Cause you left and you not 'round
Need a Julep and a hot brown
Go 'head, let that top down

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