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Jack Harlow - Eastern Parkway

[Verse 1]
I'm on Eastern Parkway, flyin' on a carpet
Through the yellow lights, I'm gliding on the way to her apartment
And I'm ridin', takin' in the smell of the street
It's night time by the way, but you can tell by the beat
That bass knockin' in my whip, just like some elephant feet
Catch a wave when I'm driving past my elementary
Grew up round the kids that made a belt with a string
And made me feel like I belonged 'cause they could tell I was me
Since then, whew feelin' like I might've lost track
I been thinking too much but I can't help what I think
That shit that's s'posed to make me happy only melts in the heat
If I could freeze it, maybe I could turn myself into steam
Bendin' corners through Cherokee Park
Way I'm driving you would think I was scared of the dark
Another ticket and my momma gon' tear me apart
Well… shit
[Verse 2]
Young and poppin', I been soakin’ up my adolescence
I took some time to find the balance, now we back in session
Ain't goin' to college, I decided that's a bad investment
But I'm still takin' notes and siftin' through my past and present
I been having trouble socializing
Go out to these parties to make people like me, nah I really don't feel like it
Can't relate to no one, I should stay home they'll miss me
I told this shit to Copelan on the way home from Cincy
He agreed with me, felt the same
Damn, that shit's relieving
Maybe time to reassess my standards for an evening
Shit ain't perfect, we just searching for a plan or just a reason to
Fall in love with life and be a fan of fuckin' breathing
I ain't suicidal, but lately nothin' seems to interest me
And I ain't got the time if it don't gratify me instantly
Thought that I’d be smooth if I ain't smoke or drink
Still I got some vices that be stopping me from focusing
Like wassup with my dopamine, searching for a doper me
I don't want that Adderall, bitch, I ain't got no broken wings
I grew up with the poetry, at 12 I wrote a hot verse
Relying on a pill to do it only means I got worseYou might also like

"Eastern Parkway" is the first song off of Jack Harlow’s third official project "Gazebo". Its title is a reference to the road that runs through the city of Louisville, connecting the University of Louisville to the Highlands and ending a few blocks from Southern Parkway. The album is intentionally influenced heavily by the city of Louisville, as Jack stated he wanted to make something that, “Sounded like Louisville at night”.

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