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JJ DOOM - Winter Blues

[Verse 1: DOOM]
Melanin on melanin
Your dude need to recharge off your velvet skin
Make 'em feel like, like twelve again
Soon as you give the green light I'm delvin' in (x2)

Learn to balance, it's real tricky
Like The Incredible Hulk turned back to Bill Bixby
Fuck masturbating, I'd rather wait then
Keep enough of that good stuff for the trading in
Each and every day making cash with Satan
Can't eat can't sleep, it's exasperatin'
Mad like burning off
All he needs is one warm hug to keep from turning off
I'm sure you could use a boost
Left the hooptie parked in hood with the screws loose
Bust the coupé out the driveway, stash house
Scooped you up, hit the highway and mash out
Matte-black like melanin on melanin
Of course the butter soft, black leather trim, set of rims
Let 'er purr, not a scratch on it
Spin it back to the garage and put a latch on it
I need a handful of melanin
Feelin' like the lambswool beard on your tender skin
It might give you a shock initially
As we reconnect up the flow, electricity
The phenomenal melanin bio-polymer
Follow with a glass a merlot, I could swallow her
Eat 'er up like a SnackWell®
We could live forever like Henrietta Lacks cells
Melanin on melanin
Ask me where the hell I been soon as I felt her skin
Holdin' hands, feet in the sand— grounded
Starin' in them pretty brown eyes— astounded
I'll share some solar power
If you let me pound it we could go for hours
And then again in the shower
Left her leg tremblin'— recharged the melanin

“Winter Blues” is the eleventh track off of "Key to the Kuffs" by JJ DOOM. This is a romantic song about having winter blue balls and is reminiscent of “Kookies“ of "MM.. FOOD" in subject matter. However, this track is, as DOOM himself says: "Like an old-school love song, about someone who feels: ‘I need to touch you’." And a more mature approach to the love he feels for his wife: "Has Mrs. Doom heard it? “She loves it,” he says, and one imagines him smiling beneath the mask. “It’s her favourite song.”" DOOM has said that he likes to put one feminine song in the second half of his albums: either sung, rapped by a woman or thematically feminine. This song is the one for "Key to the Kuffs".

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