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JJ DOOM - Pause Tape

[Intro: DOOM]
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

[Verse 1: DOOM]
Mother, father, it's my God-given honor
To eat a sucker MC like a hot sizzlin' döner
Respect, deep check, dope line dialectic
Dig the perspective of open minded skeptic
Where your skepticals, looks don't count
Better off judgin' by rhymebooks and sheer amounts
And work backwards from there
Angle of attack on the track was like a spear through the clear air
What's your status? It's Don status
Reserved for those who chose to go beyond madness
Cause we like "Villain you must be out your toboggin' hoggin, it's a horror"
Eatin' MCs like there's no tomorrow, starvin'
Welcome to the club, registration
We be waitin' right here collectin' off of nation's revelations
Sensations for latter day saints
And more lies than blacks splattered, spray paint, faints
Ain't live and direct
And kept his eye on the game like spy tech
Mic check
Villain get booted out your online school
Student got straight up A's in divine rule
Quicker than a sleight of hand, like, damn
Telepathy and telekinesis, faster than Instagram
See what he said, laid his wood, get paid is at
From the States to your in-state flat
Ain't that

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