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J. Cole - Too Deep for the Intro

[Produced by J. Cole]

[Intro: J. Cole]

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Partially functional, half of me is comfortable
The other half is close to the cliff, like Mrs. Huxtable
These boys got them hoslters and clips they pack like Lunchables
Like white boys in grade school, while we ate school-made food
Just eyeing they shit, wish I was trying they shit
Knowing when mama hit the store, she wasn’t buying that shit
No, I ain't crying a bit man, that's just life, that's how that shit work
You reach your hand in fire, you pull it back when you get burnt
Gotta learn when you get hurt, even if it's with Cupid
He beat you and you went back, you's officially stupid
Oh yeah, I understand, that's your man, you had a plan
You been together for some years, you sticking with him for the kids
So you overlook the tears, but we both know that's a bad look
'Cause 20 years from now, your daughter probably get her ass whooped
Look, if this too deep for the intro, I’ll find another use
But just in case it's, perfect let me introduce... Cole

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