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J. Cole - She Knows (feat. Amber Coffman and Cults)

[Intro: J. Cole & Amber Coffman (Sampled)]
She knows
She knows, ayy
Bad things happen to the people you love
And you find yourself praying up to heaven above
But honestly I’ve never had much sympathy
'Cause those bad things, I always saw them coming for me
I’m gonna run run away (oh I), run run away, run away (oh I-I-I)
Run away and never come back (well all right)
Run run away, run run away (oh I), run away (oh I-I-I)
Show ‘em that your color is black (well all right)

[Verse 1]
Damned if I do
Damned if I don't
You know I got a girl back home
You got a man what you want, what you want
What these bitches want from a nigga?
On some DMX shit
I know them other niggas love tricking
On some BMX shit
But not me
Now I'm sure you done heard about me
A black star, Mos Def, Kweli
Good so them bad hoes try me, they try me
This is Martin Luther King in the club
Getting dubs, with a bad bitch in his ear
Sayin' that she down for whatever
In the back of his mind is Coretta

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