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J. Cole - Kevin's Heart

She my number one, I don't need nothing on the side
Said that I was done for good and don't want no more lies
But my phone be blowing up, temptations on my line
I stare at the screen a while before I press decline
But she plants a seed and it still lingers in my mind
Told myself I'm strong enough to shake it and I'm trying
But I'm only human, I know loving you's a crime
If I take this cookie now one day I'll do the time

Slip me a xanny at once (somebody)
I got the earth in a blunt (smoke)
I get the skirt when I want (skrrt!)
I get to skrrt when I want (skrrt!)
Due to the money aroma (somebody)
My girl she got a diploma (smoke)
She got wife written all over
She got wife written all over

[Verse 1]
All a nigga know is how to fuck a good thing up
Run from the pain, sip lean, smoke tree up
When I'm in your town press pound hit me up
When I'm in your town press pound hit me up
Only if you down and you slurp good D up
If the work good I'll be back for the re-up
Hate when I creep and the phone wake me up
Fake like I'm sleep knowing damn well I be up
Monkey on my back and I walk a hundred miles
Guilt make a nigga feel fake when he smile
Love get confused in the mind of a child
'Cause love wouldn't lie like I lie and it's wild
Wanna have my cake and another cake too
Even if the baker don't bake like you
Even when the flavor don't taste like you
So I'm back mobbing with the late night crew
All in your mind with fears that would come true
The back of my mind, the back of my mind was you
Wishing that I could blind myself from view
And only have eyes, and only have eyes for you

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