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J. Cole - January 28th

[Produced by J. Cole & Team Titans]

Rap tune
Can I make a million dollars off a rap tune?
Can I make a million dollars off a rap tune?
I'm tryna make a million dollars off a rap tune
Yeah, look

[Verse 1]
The real is back, the ville is back
Flow bananas, here, peel this back
And what you'll find is, your highness
Can paint a picture that is vivid enough to cure blindness
Carolina's finest, you knew that already
In terms of the greatest, I proved that already
And if you would like, I do it twice
I just sharpen my blade, for a minute became lost in my ways
This for my niggas that was tossed in the graves
Every so often I fade deep in my thoughts
And then get lost in the days
We used to play before your coffin was made
Just got the call nigga got caught with a stray
Hope he's okay
Just got paid what Cochran got paid to free OJ
Just to share my life on the stage in front of strangers
Who know a nigga far too well, and that's the danger
Know me better than I know myself
I rip a page out my notebook in anger
And let these thoughts linger, singing

January 28 happens to be J. Cole’s birthday. With an album named after his childhood home, he begins taking us on a tour through his life starting with his earliest years. Since Cole is signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, it’s no coincidence that the second track off Jay Z’s fabled Black Album is “December 4th” – Jigga’s own birthday.

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