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J. Cole - I Get Up

[Produced by J. Cole]

[Verse 1]
I woke up early in the morning, hoes blowing up my phone
I ain't used to small talking when they know I'm tryna bone
Fuck 'em, I'll holla later, man, right now, my mind's elsewhere
My mom's healthcare, get her out this hell here
A lot of niggas fail, frail niggas won't prevail here
We seen it all man, niggas can't even spell scared
A Fresh Prince, but yo my city ain't no Bel-Air
Fuck if you would sell, I'm worry bout my welfares
So farewell to them broke days and bonjour to the most paid
Soon as my dough straight, I throw the wifey in some Dolce
And put some chains on my niggas like I own slaves
I get up, look out the window, hope the sun shining
Down on my niggas out there front lining
I hit the streets and see them boys out there locking up some older head
So Goddamn homie, hold your head, and hold your head

I get up, I see the clouds from my window
I pray the sun gon' shine this way
And where I go as the wind blow
Momma, your son gon' find his way
And if I gotta crawl, I'ma make to the end though
And to the top I'ma climb my way
And tell 'em I'ma rise, I'm on my—headed for the sky
I'm on my way

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