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J-Live - Them That's Not

Bring it in

[Verse 1]
Once upon a time there was a brother named Castro
Had a little problem with his cash flow, word
More than once upon a time he had a dream to clock mad dough
Only at the time it all seemed mad absurd
Then he saw a light bulb flash up in his forehead
Shined so bright he had to close both eyes
Said whoever hit 'em for the average poor asshole
'Bout to be hit for they biggest surprise
Now meanwhile, still short one pot to piss in
Not to mention any window to throw it out
Lookin' like who don't you want and where'd it come from
Sippin' on chicken wings, smackin' on stout
Stepped to his boy at the label of the month
Like 'yo, what's the haps kid, lemme get a deal'
Got a dope style, sounds just like so-and-so
Whatsisname, wrote it for me even more ill
Make ya wanna holler like Marvin, did I mention I'm starvin' and quite thirst
Meaning what, meaning that I'ma do whatever it take to make sure they play my shit first
On the Billboard and last on the countdown, like contact on that show
So what's up black, yo, how that sound?
If you down then c'mon let's go
Down to the studio right now, bring me that crate with the old hits
Make that beat with the right style, so that crowd'll wanna go get
In that club with the DJ, he be on the radio all day
I get in cool with him even though he fake as a toupee
I roll with ballers and thugs to make my image legit
Even though back in the day they told me I wasn't shit (you wasn't fresh)
I'm at the Cinderella ball, now it just don't quit
And fuck that, I shrink my feet if the shoe don't fit
I make it happen like hormones, you been forewarned
I got you mad now cause I'm kickin' that popcorn
That blows up in a couple minutes
Expand the pockets 'til your girl's hand's all in it
I see your shorty starin' at me on the guest line
But these four back stage'll do me just fine
All five ask for my jam on the request line
So if you stress me, I could tell you through the grapevine
It's like this

Being the seventh track on J-Live’s hit 2001 album “The Best Part”, and Jean’s best performing song, “Them That’s Not” proves to be an outstanding classic piece of hip-hop in it’s pioneering ages mixed in with modern rap.

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