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Isaiah Rashad - West Savannah (feat. SZA)

[Produced by The Antydote]

[Chorus: Isaiah Rashad & SZA]
Now can we fall in love
While Southernplayalistic banging through the night?
(Fall in love, through the night)
And I ain't ever felt no type of way
About this living, do or die
(Type of way, do or die)
And when they see our age
They say we're young, I'll let you push me to the side
(Push me to the side)
At least we fell in love
With something greater than debating suicide
(At least we fell in love)

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
How you feeling, baby?
How you feeling, baby?

[Verse: Isaiah Rashad & SZA]
I travel, for you
I battle, for you
'Cause I love, to call, your name
I travel, for you

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