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Isaiah Rashad - Tity and Dolla (feat. Hugh Augustine and Jay Rock)

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad]
This Sqad Up shit, yeah
Don't hit my phone when I'm tryna rap
This nigga Hugh in this motherfucker
This nigga Rock in this motherfucker
This nigga Dave Free
This nigga Chris Calor
Ugh, yeah

[Verse 1: Isaiah Rashad]
I'm just one dirty motherfucker
Hurt myself way more than you (Yeah)
This too much out here for the cup
I put that codeine in my soup (Yeah)
Used to spit in granny face
I'm supposed to show you love
I don't need no picket line
And I don't need no fucking hug (Right-right)
You just rapping just because (Right-right)
With your napkin full of drugs (Right-right)
Too exclusive in the back
Shit, we sneak 'em in the club (Right-right)
Who is that nigga if I ain't that nigga?
It ain't been popping if I ain't with Robert
Gotta consider my liver, my nigga
Gotta get rid of my kidney, my nigga (My nigga)
That was the only thing holding me back
None of these niggas ain't tellin' me shit
Lately, I only been bumping that Yachty
All this Burberry on top of my body
I know Lil Sunny with Kim in that 'Rari
You pulling up, tryna tell me the truth
I hit you back, like, "Lil nigga, revise it"
Look what I got, bitch, it's Tity and Dolla
Tell 'em back-back and just check out the power

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