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Isaiah Rashad - Free Lunch

Know it, scrub!
Scrub! Hahaha
Meal, meal

Meal ticket, ticket, meal ticket, ticket, comma, ugh
Steel in my liver, real niggas in my condom, huh
Phil hit me back, filled this one with a powder pack
Pill bring me back, feel this one out in California

[Verse 1]
The blow is good, the hoe is good
The show is good, you know it, scrub
Cool as me out front that Kanku's store
Kinfolk, you know it's love
Clean as Tide, Aveeno, Head & Shoulders
Hoe, you know it, scrub
Shoutout to my kinfolk, just got on that Coca-Cola, scrub
Watch my pole vault and my go-kart, this my getaway as fuck
In my hood we call it buck, fuck 'bout what you think of me
All my hoes be nines and dimes, all she want is chicken grease
All you know is what your mammy taught you 'bout the service
Get your ...

Rashad's first single since January's "Smile," which was preceded by "Nelly," released last September. "Free Lunch" puts the sharp and precise flows of Rashad atop a slow-burning instrumental that incorporates the jazz and funk sounds that have been alive in Kendrick's recent work, albeit with a flavor that's more Southern than West Coast. Whenever it arrives, Rashad's debut album, the follow-up to his (album-quality) Cilvia Demo EP, should be a special body of work. It's been a consistent run for TDE.

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