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Isaiah Rashad - 4r Da Squaw

Beat tight as fuck
Turn up! Turn the light off
Des, turn it down
Aye, you roll up? You’ll roll up for the boys?
For the Squad?
Nah, that’s Ty job right now
Ahem! Ah-hahahaha
Ayy, check me out

If I can pay my bills, I'm good, I'm coming over
Found a message in my bottle, your son is coming up
"By the beer, by ear, by boo"—what Yari saying?
You ain’t nothin' but a baby, your fear is growing up
Listen here, I say, my dude, and what you call it
It was Heaven at the bottom and peace from throwing up
"By the beer, by ear, by boo"—my Yari saying
You ain't nothin' but a baby, your fear is growing up

[Verse 1]
I think I do this shit for real, dawg, hey
I ain't no motherfucking maybe
I'm for motherfucking real, dawg, hey
Mama, mama
I got some dollars for your bills, dawg, hey (Bills, dawg)
Now I'm the heading, I'm the topic
All that matters, I'm Jaleel, dog, hey
Yeah, you know, I think the sunshine
Should feel how I feel, how I feel, like, yeah
I think at night time
The moon should call my phone
Hit my line, I'm here for you
And Eastside, shame on us
Rain, come on now
I figured the mood
I figure, I figure

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