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Invent Animate - Reflection Room

The end and now

[Verse 1]
Without my eyes
Staring fierce into the blackened sky
Vibrating skin, caused by my boiling veins
Just seal the air out

Sinking up and slowly floating down
As I gaze upon the pillars wilting at my feet
Speaking in silence
Falling asleep into
Still quiet space
Pray that I wake again

Why am I killing myself?
All of me is not for you to take
For you to take

[Verse 2]
A fraction in time
We are so lost between the end and now
A broken sliver, shards of mirror crafted collectively
Endless river, the flow of eternity
Face to face, staring at my gaze in the water
Once a ripple, now quiet and still

Speak in silence, fall asleep
Into quiet, pray I wake
Speak in silence, fall asleep
Into quiet, pray I wake
Speaking in silence, falling asleep into
Still quiet space, pray that I wake again
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My hollow self is nothing less than a pawn in this game
No time for rest when time is everything
As I'm waking up
I'm traveling on borrowed time
There I am bound, a fraction in time
A fraction in time, the end and now

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