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Internet Money - Message (feat. TyFontaine)

[Intro: TyFontaine]
Uh, wish you would talk some, put 'em on a shirt
Night-night, bitch boy, closin' them curtains

[Verse 1: TyFontaine]
Money comin' in, comin' in like a current
Money comin' in, that's a common occurrence
I don't care what they talkin', man, that shit wrong
Do it my way to the top 'til I'm on
I smoke inhaler, my lungs strong
Got my guys with me, we here, we on
Talkin' that tough shit, we toughen his jaw
Vac' 'em, we pack 'em, then seal 'em, they gone
Yeah, we out West, but they East in the mornin'
Yeeks in my Versace sheets and she moanin'
Just a little vibe, good for the moment
Smellin' the sex, inhale the aroma
She can't go to sleep, the Uber at the corner
Dog out that bitch, I'm a K-9, you know it

[Chorus: TyFontaine]
Send a message, send a message
Pussy talk tough, boy, we sendin' a message
Take him to the shop and sharpen his edges
Send a message, send a message
Baby, get it straight, I'm TyFontaine
I don't got time to answer the message

“Message” is the opening track by TyFontaine for Internet Money’s collaborative album, B4 THE STORM. On the track, Ty details his newfound fame, being too busy to answer the phone alongside an increase in his wealth. An early version of the track leaked on July 19, 2020.

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