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Inclination - Predetermined

[Verse 1]
When I heard about your demise
There wasn’t a part of me that felt surprised
An unavoidable end for my first best friend
You drifted away at a most impressionable age
Fell in with a darker world, always chasing a different girl

[Verse 2]
Letting your loneliness lead you somewhere it could multiply and truly thrive
Despite my lack of shock I still felt my stomach drop
I thought about your sister and what the fuck this will do to her
What about your parents? No one should outlive one of their kids
[Verse 3]
I tried my best to keep it together in front of your family and friends
All with matching expressions in a room missing a coffin
On the way home it hit me like a ton of bricks
Listening to lights went out thinking about the life you missed

My heart breaks
My heart breaks
Only in photographs can I see your faceYou might also like

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