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IDK - 24

Uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh (BLWYRMND)

Ooh (Ooh)
Why you do that like that? (Like that)
It's a lot of money, why you mad like that? (Like that)
Ooh (Ooh)
I'm in my new bag, my bag (My bag)
You ain't gettin' shit, bitch, too bad, my bad (Yeah, uh)
First of the month, I'ma run it back (Ayy)
Same day why I'ma run it back (Yeah)
Friday, payday, run it back (Ayy)
Run it back, run it back, run it back (Ooh)
48 yards, I run it back (Ayy)
I cop a car, I run it back (Yeah)
Fuck on your broad, then run it back (Uh)
Run it back, run it back, run it back

Hello? That's the check callin' (Talk it)
Let me click over real quick, then let my check talk it (Talk it, talk it)
I eat, ooh, Pac-Man, that's the way my neck talkin' (Right)
I ain't never comin' back the way the stress talkin'
You don't make no clap back when you backpack, my bad
But I'm past that, with a NASDAQ, that's cash
When the money fall, I'ma slap that ass, clap
When the money go, you don't slap ass, that's facts
If the money low, I'ma wear a strap where I'm at
When it come back, I'ma give it back, my bad
When the check hit, the direct hit, I'm glad
When the check miss, the direct hit, I'm sad like–

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