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I Killed the Prom Queen - Thirty One and Sevens

I followed my heart
And it led me out to sea
Where the depths were accepting
And my reflection could be seen

Staring out at the edge of the world
You bring me clarity
And give me a sense of purpose
But I remember when you'd say

Nothing can last forever
Nothing can last forever

Permanence was the last thing on my mind as I reached out for your hand
All I wanted was the chance to say everything you deserved to hear

What if I told you, you were the only one
To get inside my heart and raise my head toward the sun and
What if I told you, that you meant more to me
Than the stars on the horizon if I were lost at sea

You gave me a place to rest my head
And get it all off my chest
To sit and watch 'The Days of Our Lives'
So young and so bright eyed

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