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Human Mastication - Necrophilia in the Church

Indulging my taste for molestation and perversion
Looking for some dead, macabre visions inside my mind
Cadaver nightmares unchained my thoughts
Fulfilling my endless perverse desires and wicked voices whispers me to fuck a corpse
Abducting female dead body, reopening the coffin, steal from the graveyard
Drag and bring it in the church
Lustful cadaverous force determined and enlightens me for sex carnage, I still feel the warm inside her
Body still bleeding plentifully as I fuck her in the altar
Licking the putrid cunt, rapidly cuming in her rancid stoma
I infest, tearing apart the vagina, dead stench delighted me
Despoiling entrails with necrophilia pleasures
Abuse the unconscious body with abhorrence
Decaying corpse mangled and exhumed

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