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Hoodie Allen - Surprise Party (feat. Blackbear)

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
I been walking 'round like I don't give a fuck, fuck, fuck
And it's probably for the better baby
I don't talk too much, I never speak enough, enough, enough
I just keep my secrets hidden
Tell me lies, tell me lies
Oh you graduated, with a 3.5 GPA in communications
And you in LA for the day, this is your vacation
Brought your friends into my crib
But you're the only one that's staying
Well that's me, just being a little cocky
We can do it on the stairs like I'm Rocky
I could prepare you a three course meal but it's not me
I rather eat her out like Hibachi
So stop the conversay, it's like a holiday
The way you bless me girl, that's Godly

[Chorus: blackbear]
So come over tonight, ain't nobody home
We can fuck anywhere, you already know
So keep on the lights, we got nothing to hide
This ain't no surprise party
We could start on the bed, end up on the floor
Fuck in every room, girl, I'll give you a tour
This ain't no surprise party
Girl, and you don't need no invitation
Woah, oh yeah (and this ain't not surprise party)
This ain't no surprise party
Girl, you don't need no invitation

"Happy Camper" is the sixth track off Hoodie Allen's studio album "Happy Camper". This marks his first collaboration with R&B/pop artist blackbear. "I’ve been a fan of [Blackbear] for a while. He has a really great ear for melodies and a really unique, cool voice. We did a couple studio sessions, and “Surprise Party” was actually the one that came out of the first session. The writing process was cool, but some of the words that came out – I was like “I can’t say that! I’m not gonna say that.” Laughs “That’s not coming out of my mouth. Why don’t you sing it?” When he sings it, it sounds completely correct." — Hoodie Allen via Billboard

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