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Hoodie Allen - Champagne and Pools (feat. Blackbear and KYLE)

[Chorus: blackbear]
Champagne and pools, layin' by the palm trees
What else do you want from me?
Is it the house that I live or the things that I can give? Am I a fool? yeah
For thinking I was different
Apart from all these Soho House guys that take you out
I wonder if you feel a thing, if you feel a thing
Besides the Xanax and highs
These tools that you hang out with
What else do you want me to give?
I know it's not a promise, you got what you wanted
Champagne and pools

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
[laughs] Why you always gotta be inconsistent?
Why you never talk a lot but you always bitchin?
And when it comes to sex you never change position
I'm bored as shit, let's do something different
You can play with balls like you were from New England
But I don't really think of what you think about
And I don't even care what you do
But when you text me real late like
"Hey yo what's up?"
I'm probably not talking to you
Cause all you wanna know is where the blow is
Who got tables, when you rolling, can I bring friends?
I don't think so
But how about one friend from San Francisco?
Okay, she can come
In a room full of Neo's I be the one
Girl let's get Rousey I beat it up
You need a fake ID to be in the club?
Uh, I think you put a spell on me
Ending up with you, that could be an L to me
You spend a hundred dollars on some damn shampoo
But it still smell like L'oreal to me

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