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Honne - 3am

[Verse 1]
It's in the eye of the beholder
And it's you I'm looking at
Oh your freckles paint a constellation
Your whole body is a map
But I know where I'm going
I have known a long long time
And girl you're going with me
Cause tonight girl you're all mine

There's no point in trying to hide it
I will come and find it
I know it's in there somewhere
Your love for me is out there
I can hear it calling
Where's your sense of belonging?
We could be getting frisky girl
Till three o'clock in the morning

[Verse 2]
Something caught my attention
Yeah it's you I'm talking 'bout
Cause your eyes are like an ocean
I can dive straight into that
And I feel like I'm weightless
When I'm 'round you nothing can bring me down
You make me careless
Not a thing, not one thing could stop us now

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