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Holy Wave - Interloper

[Verse 1]
Living in a dying town
See the people rush around
Dreaming of the golden years
Everything was special here
Drifting on a broken sea
Swallowed by complacency
Every day, a silly rhyme
Every night, another line
Drink yourself into a ditch
So consumed by politics
Thinking it was simple then
Blinded by the innocence
[Verse 2]
Sleeping with the enemy
Lost all of your energy
Searching for security
Searching for some purity
Sinking far beneath the folds
Living just as you were told
Soon you will be out of time
No chance for another line
Seasons come and seasons go
Some will die and some will grow
Times have changed and so are you
You know what you gotta do

Oh anything that you want
You can buy
Anyone could sing “La la la”
And you’d be alright
When everyone who lived here before
Can barely get by
If there was any way you could buy love
You’d be alrightYou might also like

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