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Hobo Johnson - Mario and Link

Hello there, uh. It's Frank and this song is dedicated to Mario and Link due to their undying perseverance which I'm not sure I should do the same of...

Mario's never getting some and Link's never getting some
So why would princesses love me?
I'm not really making moves I'm just kinda breathing
I work at fucking pizza places just so I keep eating
(That's the type of shit)
To make me go and smoke a fucking pack of smokes a day
That's the type of shit to make me ask my father "You okay?"
That's the type of shit to make be buy a flask for 25
And fill it up with taaka vodka only 4.99
(Mama Mia!)
That's the type of shit to make me write a song and fucking pray
That this one is better than the one that I wrote yesterday
Or yester-year yes-sir-please let me get the recipe, to not being broke
Fuck, I'd really love to be a king but Mario and Link
Should've showed that perseverance is not the end all to everything
The princess in the hallway in a robe
I asked "do you like coffee and scones and she says "No!"
But I just killed a fucking dragon though!
With this sword that I made from the words of my soul
I just killed a fucking dragon though, I just killed a fucking dragon though
But it's whatever, I don't even care that much
The power of the stars restored to that castle and it's all thanks to you!
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