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Hippo Campus - Doubt

[Verse 1: Jake]
Good god, it's a toss up
So sweet but she's a little fucked up
I stop to think about the future
Seems so clear, never want to lose her

[Pre-Chorus: Jake]
I know, I-I know dear
I think that it's copacetic
Told me that, that I look pathetic
Drinks it up like a kind of fetish now

[Refrain: Jake]
She'll go on and tell me so
She'll go on and tell me

[Verse 2: Jake]
Her friends, all her friends say
She needs something
Like some time away
They say, "Tell me all your secrets"
Blast that up, up on some dramatic shit

[Pre-Chorus: Jake]
I laugh, I-I-I laugh still
I think that you're just excited
Got my heart up and undivided
Got our love feeling like an island now

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