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Hinds - Castigadas en el granero

All I know
You told me you'll be home
It's cloudy sticky and we have to stay in the barn because we screw it up
And I can't go

You should know
We write about you all the songs
And I would kill your dogs if I knew who your boxers belong

And all I see is a big cow
I know you heard that
And now I'm eating all your corn
I know you heard that voice
And I can't stand anymore
I know you're hearing that voice!
Why can't you pass that smoking roll?
A smoking roll
I wanna take you to the mall
Daddy let me go
Stealing candy would be wrong...
Oh father let me go..
And you can't wait for me to grow
For me to grow

Back in time
Seemed funny game but now we are out
With all my sisters around playing mums it blows my mind

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