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Hey Violet - Queen Of The Night

[Verse 1]
I've bandaged your bruises
You've held back my hair
Who'd've known when this started
That we'd end up here, here?
But you reach out and touch me
Say my name like a prayer
All my friends say you're dangerous
But I don't fucking care

'Cause there's somethin' about it that brings me to life
Yeah, I know all the consequences, I don't mind
This holy redemption tears us in two
But I can't turn my back to you
Wearin' your t-shirt, I'm Queen of the night
One hand on the wheel, and one hand on my thigh
And I know it sounds crazy, but babe I am too
I just can't turn my back to you

[Verse 2]
When the night goes quiet
And we're up in your room
And you're kissin' my fingers
And I kiss your tattoos
I could lay in bed with you and talk shit forever-ever
If this is all a dream, wake me up never, never, never
Swear to God, cross my heart, no one does it better, better
Boy, I luh ya, always gonna

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