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Hellyeah - Alcohaulin' Ass

A little bit of sunshine
a little bit of booze
a little bit of me
and a little bit of you
a little bit country
a little bit of blues
a slice of heaven
and a little piece of you...come on

alcohaulin ass
pour another drink in my glass
alcohaulin ass ass

a little bit thirsty
a little bit used
a little bit of whiskey
and a little pinch of chew
a little bit tired
and a bad attitude
a little bit of drinkin
and another piece of you

alcohaulin ass
pour another drink in my glass
alcohaulin ass

you drove me to it
so there was nothing i could do
you pushed me down
split me right in two
now i found the long hard road
carried the weight of you
boy oh boy god damn
only one thing left to do

alcohaulin ass
pour another drink in my glass
alcohaulin ass
pour another drink in my glass ass

That song is just kind of an anomaly. It was just this thing that happened. I was working on something else that day. We were in the studio. Greg was on one of his hungover days where he just kind of sits back and does nothing. Somebody had brought an acoustic guitar in to do some overdubs. I was at the soundboard. I just always sit at the desk at the soundboard and just open my laptop up on top of the buttons and shit and just work. Our engineer was sitting there working on something. I was kind of tracking and whatever and writing. Greg, all day, was like, “Let’s write a country song. Let’s write a country song. Let’s write a country song. Let’s write a country song.” All day long, literally, every time I’d take a break or anything, he’d just be strumming around on some shit. Finally, whatever I was working on, I was just burnt out on it and [producer/engineer] Sterling [Winfield] was cooked. We’d been working all day. It was probably about 10 o’clock at night and he was like, “I’m gonna go get some beer, get out of here for a minute, get away from this fuckin’ Pro Tools.” I’m like, “Cool, whatever.” So he takes off and Greg starts in on this shit again, and I’m like, “Well, then play something. I can’t write a fuckin’ country song unless you’ve got a country riff.” He starts playing this riff and, literally, [snapping his fingers] it just came right to me, the lyrics. He’s like, “You better write that shit down.” So I turned around and wrote the first verse instantly. And then I was like, “You got a chorus idea?” So he goes into the chorus. I don’t know what it was—we had been talking that day about alcohol or alcohaulin’ ass or something. I can’t remember what it was. So that chorus was right there on the tip of my tongue anyway, fresh in my head. I think we were gonna try to do a band name or something, Alcohaulin’ or something like that. So then I write the next verse. Literally, this is all just happening fuckin’ like lightning, like fuckin’ gunpowder. We get to the bridge section, he’s like, “Nah, fuck that. Let’s just go back into the chorus.” I’m like, “Dude, you know, country song, you gotta have a bridge.” So he starts writing it, we wrote the bridge, instantly, back into the chorus and shit, and like, literally, Sterling gets back with the beer and we had run through it three times front to back. He was like, “Dude, you gotta set up the mics.” So he set a vocal mic and he set up a mic on Greg’s guitar, and fuckin’ we just played through it once and that was the original fuckin’ version of it. We played it for Vinnie, he loved it. We made it the song with the metal and the drums and all the bullshit. Sometimes you hit those magical fuckin’ moments where it all just comes together. You don’t even know where the hell it comes from. It just comes together.

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