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HeartSounds - Internal Eyes

It's been a slow and steady crawl
To get a third of the way through without destroying it all
And every day I welcome change
But new perspective brings new shame
So I'm haunting myself everywhere that I go
They'll break me down and start again
When all is calm and settled in
Like cancer-ridden light, these burning knives
Will rip through every lie I've ever told myself
They're a part of me I can't expel
The wheels will spin to build this hell
If I stray from mind they'll cast out the line
And reel me back inside
They do their worst at night
Never asleep, never a sound
As they forge deeper underground
Their rational knows no bounds
With unbridled strength, I'm swept away
You know delusion can persuade
My settled mind to simply erase
They'll scan me through for something sick
And once these bones are clearly picked
The cold will grow deeper to control
I don't know where to go to get away from this
So I live through you. Through everyone
In search of a reason why I fall to my internal eyes
They only paralyze anything and everything
But I'll blind them with the light of this life
And they'll die in the dead of the nightYou might also like

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