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Headie One - Princess Cuts (feat. Young T and Bugsey)

[Intro: Headie One]
(iO cheffin', it's an issue)
Turn, turn, turn

[Verse 1: Headie One]
My young boy got the stick like Moses with the Israelites
Tellin' them opp boys, "It's on sight" (Turn)
They ain't outside (Turn), they stay inside (Turn)
We can't party if we can't get the tray inside (Turn, turn, turn, turn)
Shoe cocaine white, teeth Colgate white (Told me turn, ayy)
You know what it gets like, I just gotta step right (Told me turn)
Trackie and my sliders, I got beef that I still don't let slide (One)
All those double C's, I got a Chanel side (One)
I'm really blowin' trees in the Middle East (Suh)
Is you from the Philippines or Vietnamese? (Suh, s-s-s-suh)
I don't dance, but I can shake a leg (Told me turn)
I one-two step, Billie Jean, Billie Jean (Turn, turn, turn, turn)

[Chorus: Young T & Headie One]
Got twenty on my wrist, I'm going crazy
Canary princess cuts for my baby
Out the window, I can hear the Old Bailey
Sippin' LOUIS XIII, I'm with a Casey
I made a wish, I got it, then I made a wish list
Bust case, was no witness
A hundred in a duffle bag, I got a big fish
Shorty, you need assistance (Yo, turn, turn)

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