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Headie One - Know Better (feat. Rv)

[Intro: Headie One]
They should know better
They should know better
They should know better
Melo Beats
Traphouse Mob

[Chorus: Headie One]
Bad B on the Nizz
You really think I went upsie for scrum?
Live corn in the shh
I could’ve let it in the uni room (Shh)
But I know better
Opps wanna see me get nicked with a shh
But I know better
Next day shh got-got by shh (Bow)
Gang done got down two this week, that's shh and shh
They should know better
Don’t see me in the flesh and don’t make man leak
Man do shit for the 'gram and tweet
Man rise that shh and skeet
How many: shh, shh, shh, shh? Let's see (One)

[Verse 1: Headie One]
Man could’ve put it on the net
When gang done chinged up shh (Shh)
And the bros didn’t neither
Man just left it to the media (Simple)
They say I took a L in L (Turn-turn)
But shh made a W in W (Turn-turn)
Anything green get wah, then oh lord (What?)
Know better
Anything shh, shh, excellent finish, Mo Salah (Turn)
How man tell me buss my shh?
Only cah they know I’m on camera
They want me in the bin, Osama (Turn)
That would’ve been four summers

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