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Headie One - Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)


We ain't slappers, we're just rappers
Saw them boy get bun and they can't do the go get your block lit challenge
You'd think that I play for West Ham all of the times I invest in hammers
Shh shh got drilled in Haringey, the kickback nearly took the wap to Lambeth
Unlimited boots, not sandals
I'm poolside in my Gucci sandals
This bad B get her coochie handled then I go take off the roof in Flannels
You ain't do that works an' try claim it, round here we call that a taboo
Bro bro said he gotta pattern through 'Dam, told him fit two Lugar 9s in thе panel
You got lit and turned brand new
I'm still with thе wolves but I support Man U
Even though it gets long here in the field, Solomon, not Kalou
Turn, there was meant to be COVID, still went and buried myself in roses
So much I had to go get some tattooed
It was 28 days in the T house, barely ever got to change my Camboot
Whip that work by the window, hope my neighbours think I'm tryna do Shaku
I had no blinds but now everything on fleek
I used to write en-route to the bando, I was really on the M1 with a beat
Now sold out shows, I'm unwinding, shawty pissed off I don't wanna jeet
"Thoughts turn things", that's my favourite quote
Come a long way from Basingstoke
Now I'm covered in water, they should've never sent H to O
Used to ride with my sword like Game of Thrones
You was at home on your games console
Them boys still in the Sunday League, you ain't touched the field and played it pro
It's all that chasing the clout for me, back 'a day I chinged up my man
Then my man chinged up my man so why you wanna touch out for me?
Over there or there, I don't know who's shitter
If that boy ever turns package, it won't be Cali, we're smoking on shisha
Free up my street team
Steady, you know what that means
My broad day team holding up
Turn the block into a business
Shout-out GRM

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