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Hayley Williams - My Friend

Mmm, ah

[Verse 1]
Little wrinkle by your eye
I never noticed 'til right now
Little vicious tiger stripes
If you get closer to my thighs
When you're walkin' with a limp
I can remember wolves at your heels
When my shadow barges in
You never question why she is here
(Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh)

My friend, when the blood has dried
My friend, instant alibi
You've seen me from every side
Still down for the ride
Ooh, my friend, you know why

[Verse 2]
Not a secret I can't keep
All of your good and your evil
Well, babe, you can leave it with me
Safe together
If it's wrong or if it's right
I am beside you, famine or fi-ire
(I-ire, i-ire, i-ire, i-ire)

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