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Have Heart - The Same Sun

"son, did you stare too long in front of the that mirror?
Did it break you when your conscience didn't get any clearer
With the stomach you fill with all the food you eat
And lack of pain you feel for the eyes that weep
Outside your window sill of the castle where you sleep?

Has the sun stopped shining upon the crown you hang?
Has your love and your hate started to feel the same?
Did that leave you feeling empty, feeling sick
Feeling as empty as a child's stomach?

As alone as forsaken as you'd like to be
There are shoreless miseries of oceans, not seas
While you wallow and wail in your tower of ivory
Your sister is starving, your brother is begging

Your sisters are starving, your brothers are begging
Your mothers are mourning, your fathers are folding

Unseen, unsung – under the same sun

Wake up, look up, there's a warmth up there
A reminder of peace, a reason to care

A reason to care

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