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Halsey - 3am

[Verse 1]
Darling, I've just left the bar
And I've misplaced all my credit cards
My self-preservation and all of my reservations
Are sittin' and contemplating what to do with me, do with me
Think I took it way too far
And I'm stumblin' drunk, getting in a car
My insecurities are hurtin' me
Someone please come and flirt with me
I really need a mirror that'll come along and tell me that I'm fine
I do it every time

I keep on hanging on the line, ignoring every warning sign
Come on and make me feel alright again

'Cause it's 3 AM
And I'm callin' everybody that I know
And here we go again
While I'm runnin' through the numbers in my phone
And yeah, I'll take fake moans and dial tones
Let 'em spill right down the microphone
I need it digital 'cause, baby, when it's physical
I end up alone, end up alone

"3AM" (stylized in lowercase) is a song performed by Halsey. It is featured as the eighth track on her third album, Manic. It was released on January 17, 2020 through Capitol Records.

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