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Halifax - Our Revolution

We Are famous faces, we are legends of the underground.
The west coast is dying but were still getting down.
Hollywoods got stilletos, walking egos in skirts setting sunset on fire we only do this 'cause it hurts.

So sit back, waste your life away, well I want to hear you say.

Hell yeah, get up, get up, get up,
Do you believe in hollywood restart our revolution!
Hell yeah get up, get up, get up,
And sing if rock N' roll is dead, the dead will come undone.

They say I kiss to kill,
I just do it for the fun,
The stage girls shake to make my heart go undone,
Glamour girls and whiskey,
And snow whites already kissed me.
The sirens sound, the boys are out.
Take over this city.

So get up dance the night away,
Well I wanna hear you say....

Chorus (x3)

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