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HAUX - Eight

[Verse 1: Haux & Rosie Carney]
When you woke, when you woke
I was there, I was there
I was quiet, I was quiet
Lost in your stare, lost in your stare
It was dark, it was dark
I drew the blinds, I drew the blinds
Let the light in, let the light in
Stinging our eyes, stinging our eyes

[Chorus: Rosie Carney]
You went cold, you went cold

[Verse 2: Haux & Rosie Carney]
You took me in, caught in two minds
Gave me a home, taught me to be kind
To say hello or wave goodbye
To always love and never lie

[Chorus: Rosie Carney]
You went cold, you went cold
You went cold, you went cold

[Bridge: Haux & Rosie Carney]
I awoke
And you were there
It was silent
I was scared
I was eight
And you were old
I held your hand
As you went cold, as you went cold

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