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Gunna - Oh Okay (feat. Young Thug and Lil Baby)

[Intro: Young Thug]
(Run that back, Turbo)

[Chorus: Gunna & Young Thug]
Audemar wrist, count it then spend it (Oh, ah)
Matted the coupe, my windows tinted (Oh, okay, yeah)
Chop off the top, headed to Lenox (Okay, yeah)
I got some cash, I wanna spend it (Oh, okay, yeah)
New paper tag, didn't wanna rent it (Mmm)
Too many feds, too many bitches (Oh, okay, yeah)
Roll with my slime, yeah, that my lizard (Slime)
Ready to slide, you will get slithered (Oh, oh, okay)

[Post-Chorus: Gunna & Young Thug]
Hey (Slime)
We ain't got ties, you ain't gon' ride (Oh, oh, okay)
You ain't my slime, you ain't my slime
Young Gunna Gunna, I'm in my prime (Okay)
So authentic, I ain't tellin' you lies (Oh, oh, okay, nah)
When it comes to business, I'm handling mine (Yeah)
Yeah, I'ma kingface Patek my time (Oh, oh, okay)

[Verse 1: Gunna & Young Thug]
Pinstripe Gucci my pants (Gucci my pants, oh, oh, okay)
She can suck dick with no hands (Dick with no hands)
I done spent some racks on my fam (Racks on my fam, oh, oh, okay)
Spaceship on land (Spaceship)
Fear of God Vans (Yeah, oh, oh, okay)
Another pint of red (Another pint of red)
Drank it to the head (Oh, oh, okay)
Got two styrofoams
Yeah, I'm sippin' these meds (Oh, oh, okay)
Two-tone Presi' Rolex (Rolex)
Yeah, this drip you can't catch (Can't catch, oh, oh, okay)
Simon says do what I said (Do what I said)
Cuban link chokin' my neck (Chokin' my neck, oh, oh, okay)
YSL Uber these jets (These jets)
Put 'em in some VVS (Oh, oh, okay)

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