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Gunna - MET GALA

It's easy to slip, don't want you to fall
I drip on this bitch like Met Gala, ballin'
Answer her texts, don't answer her calls

Yeah, she sent me a text, won't answer her call
She love when I flex and shop in the mall
Relieving her stress, I beat down her walls
Skeet-skeet on her chest, she kissin' my balls
We speed in that 'Vette, don't stop for the laws
VVs on my neck, I shine in the dark
It's easy to slip, don't want you to fall
Walk in with the drip, that Met Gala Ball

[Verse 1]
Shoot your shit up, I got accurate aim
Fucked up a few mil', now I'm back like I came
That boy say my name, I went and got me some strain
You know I don't crash, I just stay in my lane
Please don't compare, because we not the same
GunWun ain't no gimmick, ain't clownin' for fame
I trapped for a living and been had a name
Work hard for these clothes, cars, and watches and chains
Oh, man, Rolls-Royce got umbrellas, this whip for the rain
These folks done fucked up, let me slip in the game
This bitch let me fuck, this shit went to her brain
She know I'm a beast, and ain't easy to tame
She squirt on my sheets while I beat out her frame
Dozed off, woke back up, she still sayin' my name
In love with my life, and you wish we could trade

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