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Gunna - 200 FOR LUNCH

Yeah, yeah

I had two hundred for lunch (Two hundred)
Last night, I fucked on her cunt (No cap)
Twenty-four shows in a month (A month)
Looked at the time, it was crunch (Time)
Ice, diamonds is crushed (Ice)
Louis V but my T-Shirt is tucked (Tucked)
Yeah, cold as a slush (Cold as a slush)
Barely rest so I'm sippin' the 'Tuss (Sippin' the 'Tuss)
Go get it a must (Must)
Fuck her good in her pussy, no must (Yeah)
Yeah, love and not lust (Not lust)
My crew loyal, we trusted in us (Trusted in us)
Yeah, runnin' it up (It up)
Got this shit out the ground and the mud (The mud)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, look at it glist', see what I mean (See what I mean)
A lot of blue faces, you pickin' green
Fuck on her naked, bust on her spleen (Ooh)
Cross on the Chrome Heart, three K for the jeans (Uh)
Feel like a player, keep a trick up my sleeve (Trick up my sleeve)
I'm cool on you dawg hoes, I don't want the fleas
I'm smokin' exotic, it don't got a seed
Feelin' the roof and I can feel the breeze
Pockets got nachos, extra chili cheese (Wow)
Smokin' gelato, got me feelin' eased
Might cop that Rollie for my oldest niece (Yeah)
I drop a hit, I'm knowin' what they need
I check out the motor, gotta have some speed
Louis bifocals, I can't see defeat
Cash runnin' over, I can feel the greed (Taurus)

"200 FOR LUNCH" Is a song by American rapper Gunna about how he both rich & fat asf

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