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Gucci Mane - Danger's Not a Stranger (Diplo Remix)

You know I’m a gangster
So danger’s not a stranger
I keep one in the chamber
And I’m dizzy when I’m anger

I‘ll put you in the paper
I’ll send you to your maker
Then retreat to Jamaica
It die down, I'll be back later

[Verse 1]
All gangsters toe strap to this
Pussies in the club get slapped to this
Sucka ass niggas don’t rock to this
And if you ain’t a real nigga don’t play my dis

I’m Gucci Mane LaFlare I’ll blast the bitch
Then put me on the stand I’mma plead the fifth
I’mma merc' this track here on the script
Studio gangsters, don’t rock with them

He say he know me, but I don’t rock with him
And my partner know I keep my chopper, pimp
I’m silverback gorilla you're just a chimp
Better yet you’re a chump (?) —Sgucci!

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