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Gucci Mane - Curve (feat. The Weeknd)

[Intro: Gucci Mane & The Weeknd]
Huh, it's Gucci
XO (yeah), 1-0 (yeah), 1-7 (yeah)
Brr, brr! (Go!)

[Verse 1: The Weeknd & Gucci Mane]
The kid back on the whiskey
Virginia Black got me tipsy
I'm in L.A. like I'm Nipsey
Spanish girls wanna kiss me
A nigga wanna come and diss me
And put a hex like a gypsy
They kill themselves, no wrist bleed
Got suicides on my SV
She do it all for the Fendi
She do it all for the Gucci (Gucci!)
Baby girl wanna choose me
She wanna use and abuse me
I know she wanna text me (wow)
I know she wanna sex me (damn)
50 thou' make her neck freeze
Fuck her once like "Next, please" (brrr, brrr)
My nigga, who would've thought? (Huh?)
My nigga, who would've thought now? (Now)
I'll be right back at the top now
I'll be right back at the top now
I got your girl on my finger
Blowin' my phone like she's single
Blowin' my phone like I'm Cee-Lo (damn)
Somebody needs to come get her (like damn)

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